I’ll beat him up twice as hard when I get the game in your honour

thank you based oscar

he’s so much fun to play tho

Oh I don’t doubt it! ASB looks hella fun no matter who you pick. It’s just the character I really dislike >8/

the only thing I like about Funny Valentine is his ASB theme and even liking that much makes me mad


Whenever there’s a Dio scene and Enya and J. Geil are in the background and I’m just like…



Stand Proud

Best cover I seen so far


Erin Gleeson, creator of The Forest Feast blog, is one of the artisans featured in our June celebration of things handmade. You can read Erin’s Q&A with Kohler, or follow her blog to try out her latest recipes.


Do you believe in attraction between people?

The French translation is even less subtle haha.


a member of the jojo forums got his hands on (an australian) copy of the game early

for reference, these are campaign support cards, and translations of the originals can be found here


Monster Date Problems 46 and 47

Here we see a Jim (Jimoratus Datilicious) in it’s natural habitat with a female Rokurokubi (Japanese Longass Necklious), possibly trying a type of mating ritual.


remember how dio is bird gay

remember that he found a hawk with a stand and was so delighted that he named it and entrusted it with high-ranking secret missions

dio brando  loves that bird he gets really quite emotional about pet shop when it ‘disappears’ in over heaven (“I have heard many stories of an animal leaving its owner when it knows it’s its time to die…” then thinking about it leads him to believe that animals also have souls)